Enjoy Montreal to the Fullest at the Foot of the Mountain

Are you considering renting in the Plaza Tower? You’ve made the right choice! You’re choosing a city life filled with lively streets, relaxing moments in the park, good neighbourhood restaurants, community events and shows. You’ll find everything you need to enjoy your city life within walking distance from your home.

There is a wide variety of modes of transportation. You can get around town with ease by bus, bicycle, metro, or taxi. It’s perfect for a tourist stay, a business trip, a simple visit or just to spend some enjoyable days.

Welcome to the neighbourhood!

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Live in Montreal in the heart of Westmount

Montreal is an island in the river. It’s also a warm and cosmopolitan city with abundant flavours and green spaces, and welcomes people from all over the world. It’s a great place to live, eat and have fun. Westmount is a small town within this metropolis, on the southwest side of Mount Royal.

Westmount is located in the south-central part of the island and is surrounded by downtown, the river, the canal and the mountain and has pretty streets adorned with Victorian and Neo-Tudor residential architecture. It’s a place where you’ll love to walk, meet people and enjoy your activities.

Westmount is near Old Montreal, the Plateau and several other central neighbourhoods, so you’ll have access to the best of Montreal life.

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Enjoy Mount Royal and the surrounding nature

Mount Royal, the island's one and only mountain, and the city's largest park, is right next to your building. Magnificent, isn't it? There’s a small urban forest ready to welcome you for long walks, bike rides, picnics, winter slides, and more.

Of course, living on an island the size of Montreal means that the water is never far away. At the Plaza Tower, you’re near the Saint-Lawrence, but also near the Lachine Canal, with its linear green park where you can practice water sports, such as kayaking.

In short, nature and rivers aren’t far from your apartment in the city. Some apartments and the shared terrace provide a breathtaking view of the city, the mountain and the river.

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Shop and taste the city life like never before

Living in the city means benefitting from an incredible choice of places to escape, have fun, savour food and shop, all in the heart of this Quebec metropolis.

Adjacent to the Plaza Tower, Alexis Nihon is a shopping centre with nearly 100 shops and services for all your daily needs. From clothing, food, hardware, electronics, and hairdressing, you can find it all. During the winter, there’s no need to go out into the cold to get there. You just have to go through the interior corridor that connects the tower to the shopping centre. This is great when it's -20 or stormy.

Nearby is famous rue Sainte-Catherine, the central commercial artery of Montreal, where you can take a leisurely stroll to shop among the terraces, cafés, restaurants and theatres.

Next to the canal, a little further south of the area, is one of the most beautiful art deco buildings in the city, the Marché Atwater. Visit this place known for its gourmet discoveries and stock up on local products during both summer and winter, either indoors or in the open air.

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Get Around the City Easily

Not far from the tower, you have access to all the active and public transport necessary to get around the entire island. The Atwater Metro station is directly accessible through Alexis Nihon. Many bus stops are located at the intersection of Atwater and Sainte-Catherine Ouest, including stops for routes 24-63-90-104-138-144-356 and 360.

Do you prefer the taxi? Many are parked and waiting for customers at the corner of Atwater and Maisonneuve. As for your own car, you can park it in the Alexis Nihon parking garage. If you don't own a car, but sometimes want to use one, you can subscribe to the Communauto car-sharing service, which has a few parking lots nearby.

If you’re more into biking, there’s a bicycle parking area on level P1 of the Alexis Nihon parking garage. You can also rent a bicycle through the Bixi self-service bicycle system available on the corner of Maisonneuve Ouest and Atwater.

Everything is so close to you!

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Explore the neighbourhood to see what it has to offer

Get everything you need, thanks to local services.

Use the map below to find the many essential services near your apartment. Pharmacies, medical or dental clinics, grocery stores, hardware stores, convenience stores, schools, daycares, etc. are within walking distance. Some businesses have late hours or are even open 24 hours.